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About Bianca Warren Designs

Bianca Warren Designs

I'm a proudly South African fashion designer. My love for fashion has existed for as long as I can remember. Design was a natural career path for me, allowing me to pursue my passion and make it my livelihood - the best of both worlds. After completing my studies at Durban University of Technology in fashion design and textiles, and winning best commercial range in my final year, the Bianca Warren Designs label was born in 2010. I have show-cased at SA Fashion Week and have been an invited designer for the Durban July.
In my earlier days, I spent my time in the week on my small collection and selling my garments at Durban weekend markets. In time, my following grew, my brand gained momentum and I started supplying stores. In 2012 my vision of owning my own signature store in Umhlanga Rocks became a reality.
My brand focuses on three main lines: commercial (everyday and work wear), once-off garments (bespoke bridesmaids, Matric dance and wedding dresses) and finally - after much demand - my new online store. Now followers from all locations can browse and shop from our ready-to-wear collection.
"Love is a label that will never go out of fashion".

Meet B
Bianca is a fun, outgoing butterfly. Her passion for fashion is just about on par with her love for animals. B is extremely close to her mom and sister and is married to her business (giggles). Her work ethics and passion for living and loving life is inspiring and contagious.

Meet P
Apiwe has been with the team for 6 years now. She started off as Bianca's assistant and right-hand lady, and this year she's been given shares in the business as a partner of the Bianca Warren brand. P is a loyal and trustworthy member with a fun and outgoing personality. B and P share all the responsibilities from client liaison to sales, marketing and production. 

Bianca Warren Designs

Bianca Warren Designs

Meet The Team
Our team has been trained by B and continues to go on refresher courses to keep up with trends and to grow in knowledge. The Bianca Warren philosophy is to support local as much as possible. In our studio, everything is done in-house, from patterns and cutting, to construction and handwork. This is a team that believes in teamwork - and quality is everything. This shines through in our studio and in your local and proudly South African garment too. When you buy a local garment from Bianca Warren, you support local and help create jobs. Thank you!

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